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Hot Spots in Roswell


1. Roswell Museum and Art Center - Art by Peter Hurd, Henriette Wyeth, Georgia O'Keefe, the Rogers Aston Collection and the Robert Goddard workshop recreated.

2. Historical Center for Southwest New Mexico - Stately home filled with antiques, artifacts and a gallery of exhibits.

3. General Douglas L. McBride Museum - Military armament displays and NMMI memorabilia.

4. Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art - Collection of art works by past artists in residence.

5. International UFO Museum and Research Center - UFO exhibits.

Local Attractions

1. Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge - Migratory fowl.

2. Bottomless Lakes State Park - Swimming, Boating, Fishing & Hiking, and camping.

3. Cahoon Park - Park inside city with golf course, swimming pool and other recreation activities.

4. Spring River Park and Zoo - Includes a miniature train ride, antique carousel and a children's fishing lake.

5. Spring River Hike and Bike Trail - A scenic paved bicycle and walking trail trough the Spring River corridor, linking various parks, the zoo and the Spring River Golf Course.

Special Events

A large number of special events are scheduled annually for the City of Roswell. These include the Eastern New Mexico State Fair, the Chili Cheese Festival, the Pinatafest, UFO encounter, Gus Macker and numerous other events and arts and craft shows. Information on these events can be found at the City Recreation Department or the Chamber of Commerce.