Crime & Punishment When a juvenile offender attends Teen Court,
guilt has been admitted. The following are a list of offenses and potential punishments, which include required community service hours and evenings spent as jurors on future Teen Court hearings.
 Class 1: Traffic Offenses

Community service: 12-48 hours and 1-3 nights jury duty.

The offenses are (except for DWI and Reckless Driving):
License or restriction violation
No seat belt
No proof of insurance.
Running red light or stop sign.
Equipment violation.
Failure to appear in court as instructed on ticket.

Class 2: Petty Misdemeanors and Misdemeanors

Community service: 24-68 hours and 2-4 nights jury duty.

Offenses include:
Reckless Driving
Multiple class 1 offenses
Larceny under $100.00.
Shoplifting under $ 100.00.
Criminal damage under 1,000.
Criminal trespass,disorderly conduct, public affray and concealing identity.
Speeding in a School Zone.
Speeding more than 10 miles over limit and causing an accident.

Class 3 Offenses

Community service: 32-80 hours and 4-6 nights of jury duty.

Offenses include:
Multiple class 2 offenses.
Shoplifting over $100 but less than 250.00.
Possession of drug paraphernalia.

Beyond Class 3

Community service: 80-150 hours and 6-8 nights of jury duty.

Offenses include:
Multiple class 3 offenses
Any Possession of Marijuana
Driving while Intoxicated

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