LeadershipTeen Leaders!

What do they have to say?

 "We should have stricter rules for the jury. Some of the teens think it is effective and that it is also a good idea."
- Jamie, defense attorney
 "The one thing I really enjoy is seeing kids change in a positive way."
-Jim Kisselburg, Program Director.
 "The biggest reward is seing teens that have been in the system NOT COME BACK. Also it is nice to a get a great deal of participation and support form the community."
-Carla, Teen Courn Alumnus, 1995
 "I've seen a very positive response from most participants - I think a sentence handed down from your peers makes students think."
-Doug, Teen Court Volunteer Trainer
 "The one thing I enjoy about Teen Court is the adrenalin rush and the atmosphere associated with a court of law. I think the defendants are intimidated by this system. This program is effective because it wakes the defendents up."
-Melissa, Prosecuting / Defense Attorney
 "The one thing I really enjoy about participating in Teen Court is the ability to take part in the law and punishment procedure."
-Brian, Prosecuting Attorney
 "My role in Teen Court is in giving the defendants what they deserve,so they will learn their lesson. What I enjoy about participating in this process is it teaches teens a lesson about what they have done."
-Amanda, Prosecuting Attorney

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